Bleacher creatures

The following images will explain the process of creating plush figures based off the likeness of a person or character while I interned for the company Bleacher Creatures

Step 1

The First step in designing a plush Bleacher creature is research. I would research the character and find out all the details of them to make for the perfect representation of the selected person. For example with the prison harley for the film suicide squad i had to pay very careful attention to the details of her prison uniform. The licensor pays very close attention to what the designer does making sure that everything from the face to the shoes and all the little details in between match what they have approved to be made. Attention to Detail is extremely important.

Step 2

Next the designer must review the silkscreen layouts. After the initial design has been approved by the licensor, the designs are sent to the factory overseas. There the factory lays out how the fabric and silkscreens will be applied on the plush. This step in crucial. The silkscreen layout must match the finish design that was approved by the licensor, to make sure that all details are correct and that there are no mistakes. After this step if there is a mistake that goes unnoticed then it could mean a loss of money.

Step 3

Finally a finished product is delivered. The product matches what was approved and the colors check out. Every now and again changes may have to be made to the final plush because of color issues, or things not lining up properly. Regardless in the end the final product is ready for shipment and to be purchased for full customer satisfaction.